Pointers on How to Prepare an Essay About a Book


Books store information that educates us to entertain us, motivate us, and much more. They vary from biographies to novels, and they vary in size. This write-up allows students to express opinions about the book.

Some people find it hectic to read long books, and therefore writing a paper about a book will summarize the information for the readers.

It is important to note that when writing this paper, you must capture the critical information in the book. Below are pointers that will help you during this process:

Read and Understand the Whole Book

Since your audience wants a brief overview of the book, you have to do the whole book reading. While doing this, it is advisable to write down the key points that will be featured in your paper.

After reading the book, read about the book. This will help you get the opinion of other people who have already read the book. This process boosts your understanding. Ascertain that you are getting this information from trusted sources.


When expressing your opinion and ideas about a particular book, referring statements adds strength to the views. As stated in the above subheading, the key points that you have written down will act as reference points in your paper.

The tricky part about this is avoiding plagiarism. For an ordinary book, many papers have been done about it, and therefore plagiarism may be encountered, of which it may not be intentional. You have to go the extra mile and ensure that your paper has no case of plagiarism.

Back up your claims by quoting statements from the book, but remember to avoid plagiarism.

Keep it Short, to The Point and Flowing.

Remember, the paper is an overview of the books, and therefore it has to be short. Prolonged work makes your work dull, and this affects your paper score.

Most of the work you do in college, that is, projects, assignments, dissertations, and much more, needs to be precise. If doing it by myself is a hassle, I can always pay someone to write my dissertation to make it easier. Considering the fact that it is cheap and I will get it in time, it is a great option.

Ensure your work is adequately outlined to ensure that your work is precise and to the point. You need to know your paper structure and how many words each section requires. Introduce your book using the basic facts about it and use the two or three lines to set up the whole ideas to keep your opinions flowing.

Opinion Matters

The aim of the paper is for the student to express his or her opinions about the book. Your audience wants to know your idea to determine whether it is what they want.

When expressing your opinions, it is all about your interactions with the book. Back up your claims by using examples from the book and other trusted sources. Try asking yourself, “Is it worth reading?” and answer this in your paper.

You can choose to recommend the book to a particular audience and also rate the book. This is optional, but do not be conclusive. Avoid statements such as ‘I’m not too fond of this book.’


Papers about books have been done for a long time and are vital for your audience to determine whether the book is for them. By doing this, you save people’s time by reading your opinions in your paper; they get an overview of the book.

Writing a paper about a book is not that difficult, but it is essential to perfect the skill to inform your audience entirely. By applying the above tips, you are in a high position to do so.


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